Going a Little bit off-topic (demonstrating my homemade mini metal lathe

In this post I will talk about one of my favorite tools that helps me in building and developing my 3d printers , so Today I will talk about my homemade mini metal lathe...

In my opinion the metal lathe is the mother of all metal shaping tools because it can be used to drill , turn , bore , shape and even mill metal parts and it was a dream for me sometime ago

here is some pictures of my lathe in its current status

the main body is fabricated by welding pieces of 8x8 cm square metal tubes to form a L shaped frame that can hold the spindle bearings and the bed rails

other parts like cross slide and angle slide are made using 10 mm thick aluminum sheets and some 6mm steel sheets

for now I am using my lathe without a tail stock , maybe I will find more time in future to build one , but actually I successfully used this lathe to build a hotend for my 3d printer

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading.



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