Can it be a multi-use assistant machine ?

Being a mechatronics hobbyist always gives me the passion to have more gadgets and machines that helps me to reach my projects faster and better , and actually this is the way the whole 3D printer idea came , but why don't we think about the 3D printer using a little bit different way ?
Why don't we think about it as a cnc machine that moves some 3D printing equipment ?
I think this idea guides me to more exiting projects and more abilities inside my mini home workshop , and these are some of my Ideas that has been done with the 3D printer.

I used the machine with a rotary tool to make it as a mini "CNC" router or engraver and that required using some cam software with minor modifications in settings to get the desired "Gcode" that works with my printer.

Actually I got surprised with the results I got after I finished engraving a small piece of hard wax , it was so accurate and all details appeared well ..!

This attempt gives me the desire to try other uses like PCB manufacturing ,so I chose to try "ink-scratching" method because it is very easy and fast to use and gives nice resolutions , so I started with making a spring loaded scratching head and fixed it to the printer carriage , and again the printer gave very nice results and more than enough for home workshop prototyping , and this is the method I used to develop my all-in-one 3D printer controller (check this link).


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