The idea

As a machatronics hobbyist I always tried to make projects using arduino boards and reverse engineering and used parts from old devices, but sometimes completing projects is hard especially when it comes to the making of needed solid parts or moving parts 

So making any part with any shape (at least at home) had always been a dream, and a 3d printer is the tool that can fix the problem and helps making more professional projects,  but first a 3d printer by itself will be the next project and the start for more and more great projects...

Homemade 3d printers are getting more popular these days and making a 3d printer is becoming easier than before because of components and modules that any hobbyist can connect to each others to make a 3d printer even without understanding how each part or module works..

But what if we can't get those components?! And what if we can't get even basic parts?!

That what happened with me because in my country there is no supplies for 3d printers especially for electronics like arduino shields or stepper motor drivers or even small heater cartridges and I can't get these parts here so I decided to make each part I can't get until I reach my 3d printer

And in this blog i will share my work and problems and solutions that made me go ahead toward the finish of the 3d printer



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