The main controller board

The main board is a single sided homemade pcb , it contains all necessary connectors for 3d printer components and it has extra pins for future extensions

i build this board after understanding how the RAMPS shiled works so i rearrange the pins to make the board a single sided pcb

as shown the board can control :
5 stepper drivers 
3 heaters 
4 fans 
4 servos 
6 endstops  
3 thermistors  
lcd with all buttons needed  
sd card 
and it contains a PS-on pin (to turn on the power supply ) and a serial and i2c connectors for Bluetooth or WiFi  modules ,and also it has 15 pins for any additional features to add in future 

it has a built in 5v voltage regulator to power all extensions and components except the thermistors that are powered from the arduino mega to keep them accurate .

there is fear of high load components with this board because it only controls other components with no high amps running through it.


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