The simple electronic system

After spending most of the building time I finally reached a quite good system that can make the printer move .

as i mentioned before i could not get any pre-made controller board like  the RAMPS or even I could not find parts to build REPRAP GEN 7 electronics so i started to search in local shops to see what parts i can find to decide what to do .

the good news was that i found arduino mega and unipolar steppers , but the bad one was that there is no stepper drivers or stepper drivers ships rather than the L297 translator so i decided to start the building of the printer based on the arduino mega with l297 drivers and i will wire them all using wires based on the RAMPS 1.3 schematic.

the steppers drivers can reach only a half step resolution and each driver board is printed at home using the tonner transfer methode and it contains four darlington transistors with the l297 translator to drive the unipolar steppers

here are some pics for the drivers i built :

and to drive the heater and fans i made a little board that contains three mosfets ,

here are some pics for the whole setup

this system works with the marlin firmware and the printer resolution was 0.8 mm and the motherboard selected in the firmware was the ramps 1.3

i think you will see that these electronics is not good enough but actually that was what i can do with the parts i can find here , but in the next posts i will share the new system i made and it is much better.


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